Hi, I'm Thien Tong, a Vietnamese wedding photographer and available worldwide.

After 3 years passionately merging myself into photography, I started shooting wedding journalism in 2017.
Since 2019, I have been engaging photographs to make stories, that what I call storytelling.
From 2020, my works started to be featured on some popular wedding blogs.

To me, wedding photography is not just a job.
I found my passion when capturing the realest moments of the couples.


Having been to different lands, seen beautiful scenes, witnessed different loves, but occasionally, I forget some part of the stories that happened in my life. Have you ever feel so? If yes, I’m so sorry for us.

However, I discovered that the camera – my closest pal enables me to refeel the past trips. From that, I realized the value of images and decided to pursue photography.
Worked in the wedding field for 5 years now, journalism and storytelling are what define my style.

For me, one wedding day contains many things to recap. It's not only about your gentlemaness in a perfect suit or the bride’s beauty in her dream wedding dress, or the small to tiny stories of your relatives, friends,… There are always some moments you cannot see. So, we are here, with our skills, passions and desires to make photos a little better than what we see, your wedding will be captured in the most detailed and complete way.

Ten, twenty or even fifty years later, when you look back those pictures, I hope that they will make you feel like reliving that moment, which is in a beautiful story that we created together.

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Phuong & Jason

We had such a great experience with Thien and his entourage that my husband and I felt so compelled to write a review.

The pictures came out so beautiful but more importantly they did such an amazing job at staging and capturing every moment of the wedding.

The video that they shot was so magical and cinematic; they treated us and our family like movie stars.
I cannot thank them enough for the memories. They are so nice and professional and you will never regret hiring them.!


Tri & Huong

Biết anh Thiện từ hồi học Đại Học, follow anh suốt 4 năm và mình đã chọn book anh từ Elopement/Pre-wedding đến Wedding. Anh là một người chu đáo, tận tình, chăm lo từng tí cho cả 2 vợ chồng mình.
Gặp anh vào một chiều mưa Sài Gòn, anh ngồi nghe chúng mình kể rất nhiều về chuyện tình dài 8 năm của 2 đứa. Khoảng cách giữa tụi mình và anh trở nên gần hơn, 1 danh sách những điểm đến được liệt kê trong mùa Covid 19. Sau khi chọn Phú Quốc, anh Thiện bắt đầu lên plan chi tiết, dẫn mình đi từng store để lựa váy cưới. A tự tay thiết kế thiệp, in giấy vows, đi lựa đồ decor. Từng chút một đều được anh chăm chút cho elopement wedding của tụi mình.
Ngày elope ở Phú Quốc, 2 đứa đã có những khoảng thời gian rất riêng, những khoảnh khắc chỉ dành cho nhau. Anh quan sát và chụp rất nhiều.
Ngày nhận được bộ hình, 2 đứa đã sung sướng vì sự xuất sắc trong từng tấm hình. Câu chuyện ngày elope được anh kể rất tự nhiên nhưng lại cực kỳ đầy đủ. Và cuốn album dày 100 trang đã ra đời.
Ngày chụp rước dâu cũng vậy, anh có mặt từ rất sớm, bám sát từng chi tiết, kể lại câu chuyện theo góc nhìn rất tinh tế của anh.
Nếu như chấm điểm thì mình sẵn sàng điền thang điểm 10 cho anh, cả về cách làm việc, chất lượng từng tấm hình và câu chuyện anh đã giúp tụi mình lưu lại.


Thao & Thoai

Thien Tong is such a kind, gentle, easy-going man who makes you feel at ease on your special day.
His performance on the day went beyond what I would expect. In my real wedding day, he caught all our day’s special moments from start to finish, devoted all of his energy from early morning to late evening, home to restaurant, to make sure that not even a single detail could be missed. He was always in the right place at the right time, effortlessly documented every aspect of our wedding. Especially, he blended in perfectly, took thousands of beautiful and natural photos. Everybody wondered whether he was my close relative, because they all could feel the heat in his dedication.
I want to give a deep thanks to Thien Tong, an artist who works with all of his passion, whom you and I can totally trust in.


Son & Vy

I knew Thien Tong through two of my friends. Surprisingly, when I was planning on my pre-wedding photoshoot, my two friends both suggest Thien Tong Photography for me.
From the e-discussion to the date of meeting, then the Pre-wedding Day and the Real Wedding Day, he has always been a devoted and cheerful photographer. Thanks to him, we were so relaxed and did not have to act or force ourselves into any role model.
Also, his blend in ability was so impressive that sometimes we could not find him anywhere out of the crowd. But guess what? The results blew our mind when first reviewing the files he sent. I loved every angle that he had chosen, I loved how beautifully his team had recorded our journey of love.


Hoa & Duy

It was just a pre-wedding photoshoot but turned out to be an unforgettable memory.
We walked downtown, sang random songs, wandered lanes to lanes until we got hungry and stopped by to have some Saigon signature street food.
Although it was a photoshoot, Thien Tong ekip made you feel like a hanging-out. We actually just wandered all over the places. Some days after, I receive a down to Earth wedding photo album with full of lively moments, rain and bustling laughter.
I got no words to say but thank you for giving me such a beautiful memory in my life.