Anh & Thien // Destination Wedding Vũng Tàu

Anh & Thien are definitely the people of perfectionism. They put tons of energy into planning their wedding day, poring over the details and doing everything they can to ensure it all comes together exactly how they’ve envisioned. The only thing they were worried about was the weather, and eventually it knew how to comfort their eager hearts. The sunlight was perfect. Twilight was breathtaking. Wind blew gently enough for us all to hear their beautiful vows.

“People usually say “I promise”, but today I’ll put them aside and go straight to “I will”. Having you by my side for 5 years, not even a second did I stop loving you, I will always love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow. And every road you take, you will have me as your faithful companion. We will be deeply in love until we’re eighty and more. I will smile beholding you – my prettiest woman when you wake up, kiss you goodnight, and hold your hands until you fall asleep.
I will be your “911”, only one call away and you will never be alone. My shoulders are broad enough, be my little girl. Everything’s on me! My darling!” – said the groom.
It was a big day for the newly-weds, their relatives, pals, and for Thien Tong Photography as well. Having given them my best wishes but I knew that: With love, they have it all. Cheers!

Photo by Thien Tong Photography
Decoration: Saint Simeon Resort & Spa
Venue: Saint Simeon Resort & Spa