We know that there is no role model for a wedding. So you can adjust your wedding package by categories and timeline. Reach out for us via e-mail to create your best-fit wedding package.


Pre-wedding all-in-one




Starts at: 30.000.000 đ

Starts at: 15.000.000 đ

Starts at: 10.000.000 đ

Starts at: 9.000.000 đ

Đám hỏi / Lễ gia tiên

Elopement 6h coverage

Elopement all-in-one

Wedding reception

Starts at: 16.000.000 đ

Starts at: 30.000.000 đ

Starts at: 75.000.000 đ

Starts at: 16.000.000 đ

Vietnam wedding (lễ + tiệc)

Intimate/Destination wedding

Wedding film

Starts at: 22.000.000 đ

Starts at: 35.000.000 đ

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Kind Words

It was just a pre-wedding photoshoot but turned out to be an unforgettable memory. We walked downtown, sang random songs, wandered lanes to lanes until we got hungry and stopped by to have some Saigon signature street food. Although it was a photoshoot, Thien Tong ekip made you feel like a hanging-out. We actually just wandered all over the places. Some days after, I receive a down to Earth wedding photo album with full of lively moments, rain and bustling laughter. I got no words to say but thank you for giving me such a beautiful memory in my life.

- Hoà Chu




If you are interested in having us as your adventure elopement/destination wedding photographer in these places within each timeframe, shoot us an email at info@thientongphotography.com and you don't have to pay us the travel fees. That being said, if your dates don't match these dates, don't hesitate to write us anyways, because our travel date is subject to change and we update our new travel dates all the time and we'd love to tailor our time to be a part of your adventurous journey.

Absolutely! I’ve shot hundreds of weddings (and am married myself!) so I know the industry pretty dang well! Let me know what you need help with, if you need recommendations, and if there’s anything I can do to make the process easier for you!