Thien Tong Photography found that many couples choose photographers without having any idea about their approach,

which is something we don't recommend. That's why I wrote this article.

A seamless Story

Therefore, we do not spend most of our time on portraits, nor do we prioritize setting up lights and ask you to pose over and over again because there are a lot of meaningful things going on around and you need to enjoy your wedding day with everyone.

On your wedding day, you can easily notice that I start the camera work when the day is not officially started yet and only stop when I have actually captured everything of the story.

We divide our time and follow timeline to capture the elements that make up the wedding day story clearly and honestly.

At weddings (including Elopement), we often let things happen naturally. Apart from helping you with your look, choosing the right spot to get the best photo, we will not be too involved in posing, because it can unintentionally make you a different person.

On a couple or Pre-wedding photoshoot, we interact and give more guidance and more posing suggestion.

Thien Tong Photography's favorite material is mainly natural light. However, sometimes we also use flash or LED depending on the shooting environment. Ourretouched photos usually give out a warm vibe, and also the frames with a bit of cinematic feel in them are what we aim for.

We are more than happy to offer help and guidance over anything related to your wedding photography but it would be marvelous if we all discuss together. You are wondering whether your idea might or might not work, you are worrying if that dress would fit with this style or not? We will tell you our point of view. Believe in us, we are experienced.

We love to blend in

Have your day and no need to find me in the crowd. We’ll blend seamlessly into the event just to make you feel at ease. No one will ever feel like being followed by a camera. Plus, blending in helps us not to miss the moments that the sidelines photographers tend to miss. This is also the purpose why we always ask about your big day’s dress code. Dressing like a guest makes it easier for us to blendin and shomehow show our appreciation about being present at your wedding.

Let us walk you through this. Wedding is not all about the photos. It is about having a good time with your loved ones so no need to force yourself into any shape. We want you to have an amazing day. Everything about the photographs, you got us.





Absolutely! I’ve shot hundreds of weddings (and am married myself!) so I know the industry pretty dang well! Let me know what you need help with, if you need recommendations, and if there’s anything I can do to make the process easier for you!

After looking through everything in our portfolio and our website, especially information on Our Approach page and Investment page, send us an inquiry and tell us everything about you.

We’ll get in touch with you guys so we can get to know each other. We’ll make sure to provide all necessary information and our honest opinions so you can pick the best package for your wedding.

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