Lien & Hang // Pre-wedding Saigon

Leaving behind the fast-paced city life, hiding away from the hustle and bustle of the urban struggle, Lien & Hang indulged themselves with a sweet escape to one gorgeous resort in Saigon outskirt, where all distractions ceased to exist.

Right place, right time, and of course, right ones, they gave each other their deep down confessions. The first look, indeed, was miraculous. “I have prepare myself for that moment, but I could not help shaking in front of my fiancée. It was her, but different, in a good way, and then so familiar at the same time.” – faltering said the groom. That was the moment when their love beat the most joyful rhythm.

“My dear, sometimes we need to take a break to realize that love comes in shapes and sizes. When we leave this fine place, we face a world with chaos ahead. Wedding anxiety is still waiting. But I believe that with each other we will keep this peace in our minds, and in our love. Can you promise me?”

Bride’s Apparel: Darling Bridal
Hair & Makeup: Tú Tạ
Venue: An Lam Retreats Saigon River